Engineering Intranet

Utah State University

Django app that tracks professor information for the College of Engineering at Utah State University. Login page located at Login needed, but pictures posted below.

This project was my first Django project. I started from the bottom up. It gave me some great experience. It allowed me to learn how to model a database, use different Django apps, and learn Python for the backend. Because I was also the only developer on the project, I got to work on every part of the project. I didn't just get put on one little part of the project. The experience it gave me was great.

Another benefit of being the only developer on the project was that I got to meet with the client and interact with them. I worked on being able to get requirements from them, and implementing everything they wanted. My communication skills were strengthened, and learning how to deal with project changes on the fly.



Overall, this is one of my more favorite projects that I've worked on. After working on it, Django and Python have become one of my favorite web languages and frameworks. What it allows you to do and what comes built in with it is really great. Given the choice, I would love to continue working with Django and Python.