The 5 Choices Book

Axis41 for FranklinCovey

Microsite that FranklinCovey had developed for the release of a new book. Used the Webplate framework for the template, and then customized where needed on top of that.

This project was different from many that I'd done in that while it wasn't a big project in terms of length of time or complexity, the timeframe for the project was short and thus made it a harder project than it normally would have been. The client needed the site up quickly to start promoting their new book. They had found the Webplate framework online and wanted to use that as their layout and template, and then to add their content in on top of it. It wasn't difficult for the most part, and it gave me another opportunity to learn another framework.

The Webplate framework has some real potential to be great. It comes ready to go with button styles, a grid layout, and responsive, and then has what they call kits to add more functionality out of the box. Check out their site to learn more. As far as frameworks go, it's still significantly behind what Twitter Bootstrap offers. It's not quite enough to get me to move, personally.

Back to the project. There were really only four pages on this project: the homepage, a page for each of the authors (which was one page to develop), a page for info on the book tour, and a book for the press information. Again, the real benefit to me on the project was the experience of completing a site in a short period of time and learning to use another framework. Below are a few screenshots of the site, just for reference, but feel free to go check out the site for yourself as well.