Healthcare Bluebook Templates

Axis41 for Healthcare Bluebook

Templates for a web application that allows consumers to find competing prices for healthcare services

This project was one of the first at Axis 41 for which I was the main developer. A few other devs came in and out on the project, but I saw phase one through from beginning to end. The majority was pretty simple, but it looks great. It's fully responsive, from desktops to phones, which is always complicated, but I love the challenge of getting everything to look great no matter the device.

These first images are of the homepage at different sizes, as well as the mobile nav and a hero image on a subpage. All the subpages were very similar. They have a hero at the top and then simple blocks of content below. The homepage hero has a slight parallax effect, and I used Skrollr to help with that. It was really easy and quick to implement.


The most difficult part about this project was definitely the Fair Price Search dropdown. This is the main focus of the whole site, so it had to work properly (and look good too). It was also fully responsive, so my main goal was to set up the HTML in a way that would work for every screen size. In other words, I didn't want a desktop version that was separate from the tablet version which was separate from the phone version. It took some work, and a couple refactoring sessions, but I got it to lay out properly and at all the different sizes.

In addition to the setup of the dropdown, the desktop version had a couple extra requirements. If the children of a certain category was short, we didn't want the white background of the dropdown to stretch the full width. We wanted the dropdown's width to be related to the number of children. This was the really hard part. It involved a lot of JavaScript and checking the number of children, the screen width, the position of the category on the screen, and then finding out where to position the dropdown box. It was very complex, but it was definitely good practice and stretched me past the limits I'd previously had.

Although a difficult process, involving a lot of time and effort, I was very grateful for the opportunity and for the experience it gave me. Projects like this are what I like to do; I don't want to remain comfortable and do the same thing project to project. This field is constantly evolving, and that's my goal as well.