Recipe Book App

Basic Android application that allows you to create, view, and send recipes. Export single recipes as well as your entire recipe book in two formats: as a database file or a text file.

I built this recipe book app for Android for a class while at Utah State. It was for my final project, and I got the idea after my sister-in-law and wife told me they would like a nice recipe book app. The app is nice and does all they would like it to do, but synchronization across devices is not yet provided.

As I was thinking about what users would need in a recipe book application, I tried to implement as many of those needs into the app. To share with friends, you can email any recipe to a friend. When emailing, you can send them a database file that they can import into their copy of the app, or you can email it as text so they can just read the app. Also, you can give each recipe one of four categories. Then when viewing the apps you can get recipes based on that category.



Overall, building this app was a lot of fun. It pushed me to strengthen my Java skills, and to start to learn Android standards. As an avid user of Android products, I enjoyed writing an app that I could give to friends and family as well as use myself. After finishing the class, I placed the app on the Amazon Android App Store, where you can view it and purchase it. I soon hope to place it on the Google Play store as well.