My Top 5 VS Code Extensions

VS Code has so many extensions out there, and they're (mostly) all really good. VS Code becomes much more useful if you choose good extensions. Here's my top five and a brief explanation of why.

Settings Sync -- Shan Khan

This extension is easy to set up and makes it so that your VS Code settings sync across different computers. You set up a GitHub gist and use its ID to sync your setting to. Again, very simple and easy to use.

Quokka.js -- Wallaby.js

Quokka.js allows you to write JavaScript or TypeScript code in a new file and test it right in the editor. Instead of having to test your. It's pretty incredible actually. You can also actually run it in an existing .js or .ts file also. I haven't used it for that as much, but when I have it's been useful.

Template Literal Editor -- plievone

This is a pretty cool one as well. Writing template literals is awesome in ES6 and TypeScript, but it can be a pain sometimes to make sure you close all the tags, etc. This opens up your template literal in a new file and edit it in that file with the proper syntax highlighting. So, for example, you can write normal HTML in the new file, and it is automatically placed in the right spot in the template literal.

Regex Previewer -- Christof Marti

Regex previewer is pretty cool. It allows you to write a regular expression in your code, and then test it right there in the editor. You don't have t to got to or any other site to test your regular expressions; just do it all right in VS Code.

Macros -- geddski

This extension allows you to define shortcuts that you frequently use so that you can assing keyboard shortcuts to them. For example, I assigned ctrl + ; to a macro and it adds a semicolon to the end of the next line for me. It saves a few keystrokes and is really nice. It's pretty powerful though and can do a lot more other things as well.

Hopefully this helped you a little bit and gets you started in VS Code. Also, as a bonus, check out the Cobalt 2 theme from Wes Bos. It's easily my most favorite theme I've used. I use it now in VS Code and used it before in Sublime. It's really easy on the eyes and really nice.