Here is a list of the things I use while developing. If something is missing or you have a question, hit me up and I'll tell you and add it here.

Editor & Terminal

  • VS Code
  • iTerm2
  • Cobalt2 Theme (VS Code, iTerm2, Alfred)
  • Fonts: Victor Mono, Fira Code, and Cascadia

Computer & Accessories

  • MacBook Pro 16" 8 Core i9 16GB RAM
  • Acer 4K Monitor 27"
  • Logitech Mx Keys Keyboard
  • Logitech Mx Master 3 Mouse


Desktop Apps

  • aText — Text Expander App
  • Clipy — Clipboard app
  • Magnet — Window Manager
  • Vanilla — Menu Bar Manager
  • Captain — Docker Container Manager


Syncing Settings

Most of my settings files are synced with Dropbox or Google Drive, after downloading the respective app to my computer. I use symlinks where possible to point to those Dropbox or Google Drive files. I also use bundle with Homebrew to manage and install apps when setting up a new computer. I then have a bash script that I download on a new computer and run and in about a half hour all my apps are downloaded and installed and most of the setup is good to go.